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Agricultural Lime Supplier

GLC Minerals - An Agricultural Lime Supplier for Animal Feed and Supplements 

At GLC Minerals, our line of animal feed ingredients is designed to elevate cattle and poultry performance to give you the competitive edge. By supplying a consistent and digestible source of minerals our Agrical and Poultrycal products improve overall animal health and wellness on farms throughout the Upper Midwest. Our agricultural lime products are also used as feed ingredients for other animals – including swine, equine, birds, wild game and domestic animals. Since different animals require different levels or quantities of calcium carbonate throughout their lives, it is advised to consult an animal nutritionist for correct dosage. GLC is the premier agricultural lime supplier in the Midwest. Contact GLC today for your custom quote!

We also offer calcium sulfate as a supplemental feed ingredient.

Click here for specific information about GLC’s feed supplements and animal feed products, Agrical and Poultrycal.

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