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Uses of Calcium Carbonate

Providing Elements for the Modern World

GLC Minerals is a company that is known for revolutionizing a commodity-driven mineral market by adding value through solid partnerships and delivering customized mineral solutions across several industries. As the premier Upper Midwest mineral supplier, we leverage our 60 plus years of experience and expertise to make sure our level of customer support equals the quality of our filler products. The key location of our dock on The Great Lakes, allows us to efficiently take delivery and then organize logistics throughout the region.

The main industries GLC Minerals serves include:

Uses of Calcium Carbonate and Common Applications:

  • Adhesive and Sealant Fillers
  • Animal and Pet Feed Ingredients
  • Construction Fillers (concrete, plasters, asphalt, grout)
  • Environmental Fillers (flue gas desulfurisation)
  • Glass Fillers (glass bottles and flat pane glass)
  • Paints and Surface Coating Fillers
  • Paper / Pulping Fillers
  • Plastic and Composite Fillers
  • Rubber and Elastomer Fillers
  • Thermoset Plastic and Polymer Fillers

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