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Gypsum, also known as Calcium Sulfate or Agrisol, is the main mineral supplement found in livestock feed. Calcium Sulfate helps animals grow, develop and produce. Gypsum also helps improve digestion, feed efficiency in animals and is best when used in a high concentrate diet.

Layer Hens, Dairy Heifers and Calves, Beef Cattle, Steers, Turkeys, Pigs, Llamas and Horses are just some of the livestock that benefit physically with proper nutrition and supplementation. An animal’s diet is important for overall health and longevity which translates to higher profitability for their caretakers.

GLC Minerals is a local Agrisol Supplier. GLC’s high quality Gypsum supply, high production standards and Safe Feed/Safe Food manufacturing facility helps to ensure a quality ingredient for all animal feeds that are engineered for optimum nutritional value.

Benefits of Agrisol (Calcium Sulfate)

  • Provides livestock essential calcium and sulfur nutrients to promote good health and consistent growth
  • Consistent chemistry and quality – produced to strict standards
  • Important element in the pH balance of blood in animals
  • Optimal and consistent particle size
  • Produced in Wisconsin – reliable supply to the feed industry
  • Produced in a Safe Feed/Safe Food Certified Facility

Gypsum, Calcium Sulfate or Agrisol’s particle size, purity, brightness and overall consistency are key parameters for accurate composition.

Guaranteed Agrisol Analysis: 

Gypsum (Ca2SO4.H2o) 88%
Calcium Sulfate Equivalent 69%
Elemental Calcium 20%
Elemental Sulfur 16%

Ingredients: Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate

Moisture Content: < 1.0%

Bulk Density (approx.) lbs/cu.ft.: 

Loose 63
Dense 76

Typical Agrisol Particle Size Distribution

U.S. Mesh Screen % Retained
12 0
20 1
40 2
60 8
100 20
Pan 69


Contact GLC Minerals today for special livestock performance requirements, or if you are unsure which Agrisol or calcium sulfate products would suit your needs the best!

Agrisol is produced in a facility certified by NSF Food Safety Certification, LLC in the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.


Download Agrisol Data Sheet