animal feed ingredients, gypsum, calcium sulfate, agrisol

Benefits of Agrisol

  • Provides livestock essential calcium and sulfur nutrients to promote good health and consistent growth.
  • Consistent chemistry – the right and consistent amount of calcium and sulfur in a diet is a key factor in continued milk production and quality.
  • Important element in the pH balance of blood in animals.
  • Optimal and consistent particle size.
  • Produced in Wisconsin.
  • Produced in a Safe Feed/Safe Food certified facility.

Guaranteed Analysis: Gypsum 93.7%
Elemental Calcium 22.2%
Elemental Sulfur 17.8%
Carbonate 1.5%
Silica 0.9%
Chlorides NIL

Ingredients: Calcium Sulfate

Moisture Content: < 1.0%

Bulk Density: 115 lbs /cubic foot

Typical Particle Size Distribution

  Bulk Packaged
U.S. Mesh Screen % Retained
12 0 0
20 2 1
40 11 2
60 17 8
100 21 20
Pan 49 69

animal feed ingredients, gypsum, calcium sulfate, agrisol

This feed was produced in a facility certified in the American Feed Industry Association's Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.

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